Dr Matthew Frei, MBBS, FAChAM

Position: Clinical Director, Turning Point Treatment Services, Eastern Health.

Dr Frei has worked in the alcohol and drug field for the last 15 years. He has worked in private as well as in public practice settings, including VMO roles at Southern and Eastern Health before taking on his full time role at Turning Point, Eastern Health. His professional clinical interests include the assessment and management of substance-use related impairment in health and other professionals.

He is a past President of the Chapter of Addiction Medicine and an adjunct senior lecturer at Monash University. He works sessionally at Caulfield Pain Management and Research Centre, Alfred Health, as an addiction medicine specialist consultant.

Dr Frei's clinical roles at Eastern Health include clinical oversight of DACAS and Turning Point’s other telephone and online services, as well as Turning Point’s other Statewide and Eastern region clinical services.