GP Clinical Advisory Service


GPCAS is a peer-to-peer advice and mentoring service for Victorian general practitioners and nurse practitioners managing patients with high-risk prescription medication use identified through SafeScript.

GPCAS Clinical Advisors are general practitioners who have completed a comprehensive program in the management of pain, anxiety, insomnia and addiction. GPCAS Clinical Advisors receive ongoing supervision and attend peer review groups with addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry and pain medicine specialists.

GPCAS Clinical Advisors are able to provide support with:

  • Managing the prescribing of medications for pain, anxiety and sedation
  • Managing requests for drugs of dependence monitored through SafeScript
  • Assessing patients for risk of substance use disorder
  • Management planning for patients with prescription drug use disorders.
  • Management planning for patients with complex needs and high-risk prescription medicine use

GPCAS Clinical Advisors can also attend your clinic to provide an education session about using and managing clinical issues identified through SafeScript. GPCAS Clinical Advisors may respond to any current patient concerns you are experiencing during these sessions.

View the GPCAS Clinical Advisor biographies, to find out who your local GPCAS Clinical Advisor is.

Contacting a GPCAS Clinical Advisor

To be connected with a GPCAS Clinical Advisor call DACAS (VIC) on 1800 812 804 and ask to be referred to a GPCAS Clinical Advisor in your local area. A GPCAS Clinical Advisor will contact you within two business days to provide advice, plan mentoring and/or book an education session if requested.

Education sessions with GPCAS Clinical Advisors can also be booked by contacting us directly at This email is regularly checked during business hours.

If you require a more prompt response, you will be directed to speak to a DACAS consultant. Follow up support from a GPCAS Clinical Advisor may be recommended in these instances. 

Please be advised that GPCAS Clinical Advisors should not be contacted to troubleshoot technical difficulties using SafeScript. For SafeScript software and technical support please call 1800 723 379.
For more information about GPCAS view our media release about the program, or email us at

For more information about SafeScript download the brochure or visit the SafeScript website.

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